Many companies struggle with taking the brand and marketing to the next level. It's either overwhelming or a complex process, or too expensive, or time-consuming or all of them combined. This is why we built “The MAP”.
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Clients from different industries have faced similar  challenges


Introducing the Marketing Activation program

Many companies struggle with taking the brand and marketing to the next level.


It’s either overwhelming or a complex process, or too expensive, or time consuming or all of them combined. Seeing the same challenge over and over at various companies, no matter the size, made us realise the potential of creating a program to support these companies.


• We needed a simple program

• We needed a fast solution

• We needed a framework to share


This is why we built “The MAP”.

Why Brand and Marketing?

We approach Brand and Marketing in a cohesive way, one cannot be without the other. The Brand is your identity and differentiator in the market and Marketing is your go-to-market strategy. Marketing will accelerate and fuel your Brand.


Take a look at our cases to see what we have done for Backbase and other clients. You will get an idea of what we have to offer…

How it works

Collaborative process

We are not on an island. We work together with your team in an agile way.

We keep it simple

We do not get caught up in complex brand stories. We keep it simple and start execution fast.

It will Accelerate your Business

We do both consulting as well as execution on our projects. We bring strategy, design and execution together to accelerate your growth and/or activate your team.

Safe or to the edge of creativity

You choose for what you want to go for. It’s uncomfortable to give up the status quo but we are there to challenge it. Trust us in the process.

You get your own brand and marketing toolkit

Once finalised, we document the new messaging, the new marketing channel approach as well as the design elements and share with the internal and/ or external stakeholders.

The two-step activation program at a glance

MAP is built around the company’s goals and allows for a scalable execution of a defined marketing plan based on industry, market, competition and company research.

Step 1: Discover the core brand 


In the first phase, we do a 360 research – we will look into your vision, your current stats, ask for helpful material and expand our view on all marketing channels.


The scope of this process is to get a helicopter view and then we decide on what we should focus together.

Step 2: Create the building blocks 


In this step, we develop the first concept – We apply the findings, create a concept and apply it on key-branding-elements. Goal is to test the concept and make it tangible.


With every iteration we will crystallise our findings into rules and principles on how the Brand (Service or project) should behave, resulting in a MAP Brand Toolkit.