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Here’s some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive are you?


The project budget depends on what you intend to build, how vast the project scope is. You can go for a Toyota (basic, fast, good enough) or you want to go for a Tesla (unique, pioneers, high-end) – It’s all defined in the scope of the project, alongside the project and resources.

Why not get a branding agency instead?


With us there are no long term retainers and no strings attached after our program is completed – unless we both want to. Therefore a better ROI for you. We focus on a fast delivery process in estimated 6 weeks, one client at a time (SPRINT MODEL). 


We are proud to say that we can take up a challenge together as a duo, maybe be joined by some other experienced freelancers who know how we work. We offer guidance and art-direction for existing teams, or, if you don’t have a team yet we can stay a bit longer and make the plans possible.

How do I maintain or manage my brand after that?


Our delivrables are meant to guide the collaborating team, the next designer or marketeer in your company.


We build a toolkit that will document the new messaging, the new marketing channel approach as well as the design elements and how to use them.


We create a clean guidebook ready to be share with the internal and/ or external stakeholders.

Who will do all the work?


This will be decided in the discovery process – if you want to involve your current team into the process,  we can. If not, we can create everything for you – From business cards to giant websites, we’re experts at getting stuff done.


You are the expert in your industry, we are experts in ours. Collaboration is key, especially in the first step. We need all the market knowledge you posses in the discovery process as this will make the building blocks easier to build.

What exactly can you help me with?


We do not just create a logo, a tagline and we are done. It’s about defining the core brand, find you key differentiator in the market and adjust your strategy to it.


From helping you identify and understand your buyers to building a responsive website to developing an ongoing marketing strategy, we’re here to support you in our goals:



  • marketing and brand strategy consultation (if you just want to find your brand’s potential)
  • branding
  • content strategy
  • go to market strategy and inbound marketing
  • website content and design
  • consultation and defining strategy on: SEO, Marketing Automation, Creative Designs.

Go ahead,
ask us another one.